Please visit e-procurement for more information on registering on the bidder’s list, e-procurement, and view current bids available. In order to bid, one must be registered. Any questions, contact Marshall Pierce at the information below.

HUD-SBA Small Contractor Initiative

The Small Contractor Initiative is a joint project between the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide organizations using federal funds for construction including HUD grantees, small contractors, and Section 3 businesses information about federally-funded contracting opportunities.
These contracting opportunities can be found via the BusinessUSA website and the BusinessUSA mobile app for Google Android and Apple iOS devices.

Facilities Management & Construction

Modernization / Development Department Mission Statement - To assess both current and future modernization, renovation and new construction needs of the Springfield Housing Authority. Develop, design and administer the projects identified. Monitor and insure the highest quality of construction and contract services in the most cost effective manner. Support the implementation of Section III programs to provide vocational training and valid work experience.

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Maintenance Division Mission Statement - The goal of the Springfield Housing Authority Maintenance Department is to provide the optimum quantity and quality of maintenance service, safely, on time, and at a reasonable cost.

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2017 Maintenance Tenant Charge Schedule

The 2017 Maintenance Charge Schedule is attached below and can be located at each of the two hi-rises, Johnson Park, Brandon Drive, Truman Road, and 200th North 11th Street. Copies are available per request.

2017 Maintenance Charge Schedule

To become an authorized Springfield Housing Authority Vendor, one must complete an IRS W-9 Form at:

Vendor IRS W-9 Form

Please email to, fax to (217) 753-9476, or mail to 200 North Eleventh Street, Springfield, IL 62703.

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