Award Recipients

Samantha Gaines
10 years of service
Adrienne Grover
10 years of service
Melissa Huffstedtler
15 years of service
Clifton Jones
30 years of service
Director Jackie L. Newman
35 years of service
Brice Wallace
5 years of service
Randy Rhodes
20 years of service
Employee of the Year Winner
Employee of the Year
Latina Faulkner
Rising Star Award Winner
Rising Star Award
Mary Blackford
Humanitarian Award Winner
Humanitarian Award
Charles Armour
Employee of the Quarter - 2020
qtr1 1st Quarter 2020 –
Latina Faulkner
qtr2 2nd Quarter 2020 –
Tamiko Bilbro
qtr3 3rd Quarter 2020 –
Robert Trimm
qtr4 4th Quarter 2020 –
Te'Era McClain

Employee of the Quarter - 2021
qtr1 1st Quarter 2021 –
Brenda Bruner
qtr2 2nd Quarter 2021 –
Tim Black
qtr3 3rd Quarter 2021 –
Kylie Jackson
qtr4 4th Quarter 2021 –
Louis Jordan